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I am Joe’s 2 day junk food binge…

Oy Vey. That is the last time that I eat junk food ever again, esp. two days in a row. O. K. so by this time next week, I be chowing down on a Big Mac or something. But for right now, no junk food for me. My stomach is still a bit queasy, like it’s looking around to see what else it can throw out of me. But I think that my stomach is pretty much cleaned out, so it seems to be a good time to start over and eat right. Started by munching on an apple, but only got about 1/2 of it done. Start slowly, I guess.
Suzanne left sometime around 7:30-8am in the morning to pick up her dad at the airport. Still don’t know if last night was a dream or not, but I def. enjoyed it. ;-D
So today, driving up to Antioch to spend the rest of the weekend with Suzanne’s family. Should be interesting to say the least, even if Grandma Fu fu is gone. But tomorrow, I get to wear my suit again for Easter. Put my $500 investment to work. I need to shave before I go; wonder if I should shave everything off or not. Hmmm.
O. K. Time to finish cleaning the room so that I can get outta here.
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This is Joe about ready to throw his computer out the window…

I hate Diablo II. hate it. So there I am, just playing around, killing evil, saving the world and all of that, when I’m in a tomb and I get killed by this unique monster. No big deal, just go back get the body and finish killing him. 3 more tries later, I get the deed done. You would think that I would have quit at this point, but no. Joe goes on into the dungeon where he meets up with Ancient Kaa The Soulless who just opens up a case of whoop-*ss on our hero.
I eventually beat him, but it took a sh*tload of money and potions to do so.
In other news went to lunch with Suzanne and princezznono and her friend (who’s name escapes me, I think it was David.) She was pretty cool, I guess she use to live in Vallejo and now she works in S.F. Her and Suzanne did most of the talking. I don’t know, Live journal is more just for me that for other people. another difference between Suzanne and I. She is always up to meeting people on Live journal. Me, it’s not really my thing. Not that the people on live journal aren’t nice or anything, I just don’t have the urge to meet anyone. I am such a loner.
Poop. It is starting to get foggy and cold. Only a couple of hours until we are off to the ball game. Suzanne was playing on her IBook, working on pictures and her web site. I should be doing the same, except that I have no motivation too and besides, I need to pee real bad. Off I go….
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I am Joe LMAO

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Doughnut trail leads cops to thief

Click Here
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This is Joe’s confused look

So we are going to McDonalds in an 1/2 hour or so to meet Suzanne’s friend and her co-workers (I’m assuming from Live journal) and here she is chowing down on my Girl Scout Ice Cream.
“I’m hungry” she says.
Hmmm. All righty then.
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I am Joe after a Giant’s Game

Giants game was great; seats in the Club level. Way kwel.
Went out with Jason, Eric, and Crystal to the Metreion afterwards. They played DDR while I kicked ass on Tekken 4.
Am home now with my girlfriend in bed, typing on her IBook, Matthew (yes, she named her IBook). Just finish updating the damn thing. I guess I should goto bed. Not really tired, but since the girlfriend is here, I have duties to perform.
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I am Joe the AWESOME!!!!

Going to the Giants game tomorrow night with my girlfriend.
Also going to the game TONIGHT!!!! Suzanne’s friend Jason has a spare ticket. WOOHOO!!!! Yeah….
O. K. Got to go and get ready.
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I am Joe gorging his eyeballs out in boredom…

**sigh** O.K. 30 more mins of pretending that I am doing work and then I am taking off. This is so ridicuious.
Need to do laundry, but won’t have money until tomorrow. Blah. Actually, I do have this check for $15 that I got from the school. But since my bank is up in Vacaville, can’t cash it until the weekend.
Also need to clean the room in case girlfriend comes tonight. Not that it really matters, since my room in it’s most messiest state is cleaner than her room. Her room isn’t necessarily dirty (if you don’t count the spider webs); it’s more cluttered.
O.K. time to make another appearance on the camera and pretend to do work
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I am Joe’s need for something to do at work

It is such a beautiful day outside today and there is nothing for me to do except watch the paint dry. No seroiusly, I am watching the painters paint the warehouse and watching the paint dry. It is that slow here. I sent Tim home early, and I actually have half a mind to go home and get my Diablo II CD so that I can play at work. Someone has to stay here until at least 3-4pm just in case a truck or other delivery comes. Lucky me….at least I have tomorrow off.
Tried to get tickets to the Giants game this weekend, but no go. Hopefully, something will open up later in the season. Still, Suzanne’s friend might have an extr ticket tonight behind home plate. **cross fingers**
Not sure how will I keep myself busy today. There are some inv stuff that I can do, I guess. Or just aimlessly surf the net for 3 hours. Or maybe I will sneak out early, if it get really bad.
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I am Joe listening to my new Tenacious D CD.

And it Rawks!!!!
Trying hard not to laugh (cause I have a facial mask on) but this CD is so f*cking funny.
Anywho, tonight is e-mail night; need to respond to the few people who replied back to my last e-mail. Kinda discouraging actually. **sigh** Not like I’ve been the best at keeping in touch with others. What else? Was playing Diablo earlier and I accidentally exited the game after killing a sh*tload of monsters leaving a pile of magic stuff. Was not very pleased with myself.
Am taking Friday off to see the girlfriend. Plan is to visit the Apple Store in Palo Alto. I think that Joe and Will might be coming with us also. I secretly think that they are taking me just to sacrifice me to their Apple gods (me being the lowly PC user). Maybe we can take a detour to Fry’s on the way. Not that I need anything from Fry’s; well I won’t know what I need until I get to Fry’s to see what they have. No… can’t spend money…still haven’t bought graduation stuff yet.
Well the rest of this Easter weekend will be with Suzanne’s family. **sigh** IF someone came to me with a sledgehammer and smashed my kneecaps, I wouldn’t feel too bad. I sure that it won’t be THAT bad. Just bad.
O. K. Time to peel mask off…
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