Daily Archives: February 14, 2002

What a day. I guess

What a day. I guess the day could have been alot worse. Anyway, I think that I will ignore all of the bad and just look at the good.
I bought 4 CD’s from BMG for $35.
Suzanne got reservations in St. Helena this weekend and we are going to a spa for a Salt Glow(?) and facials.
I went to In-n-Out. YUM!!!!
Went to Target and bought socks.
Most of my clothes are washed.
Got a parking space in front of the house.
So the rest of the day sucked. And tomorrow doesn’t look good. Have to run around campus to get my application done. Have to get a haircut. Wash my good clothes so that I have something to wear at the Punchline. SHIT! Forgot to call for a reservation. **sigh** Hope we can get in. Need to pack. Need to clean room and car. Need to take pictures of room. And on and on and on. POOP! O.K. I think that I will put “cleaning room” as priority #1 right now.
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