Well, I’m at work and

Well, I’m at work and my chest started to hurt. I wonder if it could be the heaters that we have. Who knows what fumes they are spewing. Then again, it could just all be in my head.
Tim and Peter are starting to take an incredible amount of time getting here. Trying not to think about it.
Still no tax ret really need to get the 1040 mailed off tomorrow or something. Maybe I’ll send it proirity or overnight. At least I get paid tonight.
My credit union is having a 3.9 APR at local dealerships in Vacaville and Fairfield this weekend. **sigh** I really need to get a new car. I wonder if I could get it. I mean, I got the J.C. Penny card and that was a shocker.
The owner of the warehouse complex just came by. I hope that the people next door don’t say anything about us parking in the front of their warehouse. We are suppose to park in the back, but since the door is broken, we are parking in the front.
Nothing special for Valentines Day. Suzanne was suppose to make the plans this year, but she said that I didn’t give her enough time (gave her 3 weeks). Anyway, I guess she is paying for us to go see Mitch Hedberg at the Punchline on Friday. We were suppose to go with Tim and some other people, but they are going to the late show, and I doubt that Suzanne will be able to last that long and drive back to Antioch. It should be a good time, Tim is more into Mitch than I am, but it’s been ages since I’ve been to the Punchline.
I really need to get my computer cleaned up. What I really need to do is set -up my email. I have the hotmail, yahoo, and hotmail account. But they are all filled with junk mail and spam. I need an account where I can send all of my personal and important email too. What I need is my own web host. I have the domain name, I should just get off of my ass and take care of the rest.
What I would really like is to reclaim tygreyes@yahoo.com and tygreyes@hotmail.com. I was so stupid to give them up. Every month, I check to see if they are somehow free and I could claim them again. I would offer money up to reclaim them; maybe.
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