Blah, blah, blah

I had so many grandiose ideas and thoughts that I wanted to spew onto live journal, but tonight they have seen to hidden themselves into the recesses of my mind. I guess they are shy.
Justin is outside my room waiting for a “guest” to come over. He lets me know when guests are coming over. I think that he doesn’t want to the “straight person” to scare them off or something. Or maybe his drug supplier is coming over? Je ne sai pas, I guess.
Anyway, something profound. Hmm. **yawn** I guess we will talk about school and graduating. It still hasn’t really hit me that I am graduating yet. I’m sure part of it has to do with the hoops that I am being forced to jump through just to apply. But half of the people that I know have not graduated or didn’t graduate from a traditional 4yr college. And they seem to be doing better than I am. Granted that the ones who did graduate from college are also doing better than I am also. But they say that with a degree, you make X amount more than someone without one. But O. K. I am out of college working for the bookstore. At the most, I’ll be making $35-37K at my job (I think. It’s probably less than that.) Suzanne doesn’t have a degree and is an apprentice in training and she is already making as much has I am. and in the end, she will be making way more than I will. I’m not jealous or bitter or anything of Suzanne, but I just wonder if all of these years were worth it. I’m sure I will be echoing that thought in the upcoming months when I start repaying the loans.
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