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I just had an incredibly long LJ post and when I went to post it, the LJ Client crashed.
LJ Day is officially over.
**pulls out Diablo II Disc**
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also in the Chronicle is

also in the Chronicle is an ad for the first auctions for Excite@Home. Wonder if I could get a good deal on a PS2 or a TV?
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Forgetful parents set off child alarm (from today’s SF Chronicle)

“A NASA-designed sensor that would alert parents who have forgotten their kids in a vehicle made its San Francisco debut yesterday during the start of National Child Passenger Safety Week.”
Has it truly come to this? Should someone even have a child if they need an alarm to remind them that their child is in the car?
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Live Journal Day…

I have decided that tonight I am going to take at least a one day holiday from Diablo II. After the mini-marathon session that I had last night where I seriously injured my wrist playing, I think that it would be best to stay off for awhile. I’d forgotten just how addictive that the game could be. **sigh** I haven’t even touched my other games (Civ III, Tetris Worlds, Max Payne, and Puzzle Bobble.) in so long.
Well, tonight is going to be about Live Journal, mostly. I plan on just doing journal entries for most of the night in an effort to get things that have been floating in my head for awhile out. I might also try working on my web site. I def. will have to fill out my graduation application and get that done. I might also take some pictures of my new place since I haven’t done that yet. I usually at least take some pictures of my new room within the first week of moving in, but I have been really procrastinating on it this time.
For right now, I am airing out my room. My chest started hurting a bit as soon as I came home. But I took a shower and have all of the windows open and the fan on, so I feel much better. I thing I might tun the sound down a bit though. No need for everybody on the block to hear my music. Anyway, I should clean the room up a bit and decide if I am going to eat tonight before I get comfortable at the computer.
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My Problem: I think in

My Problem: I think in the negative.
Whenever there is a situatio, either good or bad, I tend to think in the negative; going thru my head all of the negative results that I can think of. I guess it is an “expect the worse” mentality.
Monday is o.k., nothing special. Still tired from marathon Diablo II playing last night. Bad Joe.
Tonight I need to fill out graduation paperwork and clean room.
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