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Heart Problems, Graduation and Porn…

I am not feeling well right now. I have been having heart problems all night long. It has been kinda hard for me to breathe for most of the night and it feels like there is something kinda pressing on my chest. Probably a heart attack or something. I guess that bacon cheeseburger I had for lunch is going to kill me. Either that or the incence/pot smoke comming from Justin’s room.
Spent the early part of the night playing Diablo II online with Suzanne. She was having major lag though, and got dropped. **sigh** I wish that we could play Evercrack together; I think we would have more fun.
Spent most of the night getting my graduation stuff in order. Transcripts, papers, diploma applications, etc. Tomorrow, I have a grad. semenair to goto. And I also need to get signatures to get a class changed. I only have two weeks left, so I need to really get on the ball with this stuff.
Watch Frontline on PBS after wrestling. It was on the porn industry which has always kinda fascinated me. The industry is just a huge money maker (Just the industry in general, not the actors/actresses.)and it has helped lead the tech. jumps in our society. I mean it helped the VCR and videotapes, it helped the cable industry, and it is one of the few profitable industries on the internet. And everybody at one point has had a statch of porn. (Well, almost everybody). But seeeing some of the stuff that is out there kinda scared me. I mean, rape and mutilation; for me that is def. over the line. So where do you draw the obscene line at?
Anyway, I think that I am going to get something to drink and then get into bed and read. I finally got my library card today. Actually, I had it, but they would only let me check out one book until I brought in something to prove where I lived. So I got five books, A Star Wars book, one from Margaret Cho, one from George Carlin, a book on hackers and the hacker culture, and Fight Club. I’m not sure about Fight Club; I think it is an adaptation of the movie, and not the book the movie was based on. We’ll see.
Tomorrow, my girlie comes to see me, and I am making her some curry for dinner. Well will watch the opening ceremonies and maybe watch Memento is she can stay up. Also need to take pictures of my room while I have her tripod. O.K. Reading time
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I swear if Peter pulls

I swear if Peter pulls a no-show today, I will fire him. I don’t care if he only has a week left working here.
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