merry xmas

first off, just wanted to thank the people out there in LJ land a Happy Holidays, regardless if it is Xmas, Hannakah(sp?), Kwanza, twelfth night, winter soltace, or whatever. I hope you, your family, and your loved ones are safe and happy.
I am the first one awake it seems. But there is no tree to run too and presents to shake, so I naturally migrated to the low whirrling sounds of the computer. The cat made me give it some attention for about 30min. I think that he was pissed that I didn’t do it at 2am last night. Anyway, Eric has to goto work at 11am today until 3pm, which sucks big time. But I’m sure that he will like his gift.(Playstation 2) Mom will like her stuff too(clothes and animal calenders) but I’m still kinda huffed that dad would only let me buy him a cover for his cell phone. Anyway, it’s good that I didn’t have too buy him anything cause I misjudged how much I had in my bank account. That’s why I am waiting to see what I’m getting from the family. If I get some money, I can finish getting Suzzane’s presents, if not then I will only be able to get parts of it. We are giving each others xmas presents late, so it’s o.k.
I guess that I will start cooking around noon so that things should be ready by 3pm when Eric gets home. I should start on Xmas emails to people. There’s not that many, but it should keep me busy for some of the day.
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