Home for the holidays

Well, after a semi-horrible stay at the airport, I am up in Washington at my parent’s house. I was suppose to leave at 3pm on Sunday, but didn’t end up leaving until 4:30 or so. And I had a really bad headache and gas while flying. It was horrible.
Currently watching korean TV with my mom, a special on animals. This couple has a pet deer.
So I was suppose to be Xmas shopping with my brother, but he got called in at the last minute, so I have to wait until 3pm before we can go. Since the stores close @ 6pm tonight, it doesn’t leave us much time. **sigh** I should have just ordered everything online or something. Oh well, I pretty much know what I’m getting for everybody.
**update** Now watching a 48yo lady kick serious ass on a dance dance revolution game.
The house isn’t really in the christmas spirit. The tree and the decorations aren’t up or anything. It’s kinda of a bummer. I could put up everything, but then I would have to take it down the next day. **sigh** It’s not too bad, just something missing.
Anyway, I have alot to do. I have to email or call everybody since I didn’t send out xmas cards. I also have stuff to do for the family, like fix the computer and clean up stuff. I also need to call back home to make sure I have a place to live.
I guess Dad is comming back home early to take me out. But eric doesn’t get off until 3pm. Hmmm. I had better check the bank account to make sure I have enuf for presents.
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