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Outcome of this year’s resolutions

Waiting to go xmas shopping and thought that I would work on this while waiting…
New Years Resolutions Results…
#1 Healthy Eating. I think that I pretty much stayed the same or got a little worse. It didn’t help that Suzanne went to Europe and brought back chocolate for me. And the last two/three months, all I have done is eat out. I tend to eat only one time a day, but that hasn’t help to keep the weight down. I def. didn’t do that good of a job eating more vegetables or fruits. And I hardly drunk any water.
2. Budgeting. Another resolution that really didn’t go anywhere. I did save some money, but that was mostly from my last financial aid check, not from my work paycheck. I did less impulse buying and got deals on most of the stuff that I did buy. But the car fiasco in October made me realize just how bad my financial position and my credit really is.
3. Exercise. Def. failed this resolution. No exercise at all and am still living down the Tae-bo DVD.
4. Less aimless computer time. Failed this one too.
5. Work on web site. No progress whatsoever. Actually, I did purchase a domain name and did some sketches and design doodles, but that’s it.
6. No sex this year. Hmmm. I didn’t have intercourse this year. Does that count?
7. Go to sleep earlier. Failed, althought I have been sleeping around 1am now and hardly past 2am anymore.
8. Take better care of my car. Failed. My car is the reason for the anthrax outbreak.
9. Read more. I read a bit more than last year, but I could have done a better job about it.
10. Take better care of my clothes. Didn’t really get out of the blacks and blues. But I did buy a suit.
11. Friends. If there is one thing that I feel that I’ve truly failed at this year, that is being a good friend. I have gone and visited people this year, even reconnected with some that I had let die out. But for the year in whole, I am a pitiful excuse for a friend. esp. this last semester, I have ignored most off the people that I have called friend. Mew and maybe Lesa are the only two people that I have actively talked too this semester. There are issues that accomply this issue, so maybe I’ll go into detail about it later.
12. Be friendly to the bookstore staff. I believe that I have accomplished this. Although since I’m at the warehouse all the time, I’m sure that when I waltz into the store, they wonder who the hell I am.
13. Expand my CD collection. I didn’t expand it too much, but I think that I got a little mix going into the collection. Still no Cure CD’s though
14. No more computer games until I have beaten something. I beat Deux Ex. Next game please.
15. Deal with my issues. Failed. This will def. have to be a topic of it’s own
16. Study harder. Also failed. Also blew the semester cause of my school burn out. I am just so glad that the semester is ove and I am done with it all.
O.K. dad is here, so it’s off to brave the crowds for xmas. fun, fun, fun.
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Home for the holidays

Well, after a semi-horrible stay at the airport, I am up in Washington at my parent’s house. I was suppose to leave at 3pm on Sunday, but didn’t end up leaving until 4:30 or so. And I had a really bad headache and gas while flying. It was horrible.
Currently watching korean TV with my mom, a special on animals. This couple has a pet deer.
So I was suppose to be Xmas shopping with my brother, but he got called in at the last minute, so I have to wait until 3pm before we can go. Since the stores close @ 6pm tonight, it doesn’t leave us much time. **sigh** I should have just ordered everything online or something. Oh well, I pretty much know what I’m getting for everybody.
**update** Now watching a 48yo lady kick serious ass on a dance dance revolution game.
The house isn’t really in the christmas spirit. The tree and the decorations aren’t up or anything. It’s kinda of a bummer. I could put up everything, but then I would have to take it down the next day. **sigh** It’s not too bad, just something missing.
Anyway, I have alot to do. I have to email or call everybody since I didn’t send out xmas cards. I also have stuff to do for the family, like fix the computer and clean up stuff. I also need to call back home to make sure I have a place to live.
I guess Dad is comming back home early to take me out. But eric doesn’t get off until 3pm. Hmmm. I had better check the bank account to make sure I have enuf for presents.
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