The paper is going slower

The paper is going slower than I expected it to be.
I am almost done, i.e. it will cover the basis and be enough for me to pass the class. But I have been procrastinating on it. I would edit something or type a paragraph, then do something else like:
eat (x2)
watch T.V. for 15min spurts (x2-3)
do laundry (x2)
goto the bookstore
play Max Payne for 15-30 min
aimlessly surf the net (x2)
Hmm. Anyway, I need to put my clothes in the dryer, then I think that I will finish cleaning my room and go see Suzanne. We are going to go see kate & Leopold tonight. I think it is a sneak preview cause there is only one showing around 7-7:30 at all of the theathers, so we should get there early to get tickets.
O.K. Time for another paragraph, then deal with the laundry.
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