Well the ordeal of the

Well the ordeal of the paper is over with mixed results. The paper is 16-19pgs. depending on what font you use. But do I even call it a paper. More like a mix of two previous papers and some notes. **sigh** well it is suppose to be a rough draft, but with a week before the final paper is done, I;m sure the teacher is expecting more than what I turned in.
Anyway, enough with the paper, at least for most of tomorrow. Suzanne is here sleeping, pissed at me cause I was trying to clean my room. For most of the week, I have been in my room, and the mess had accumulated. Throw in the fact that I was sick, and the room becomes a germ incubator. Lucky, Suzanne doesn’t get sick very easy.
Still, it makes me wonder about us living together. She thought I was crazy cause the room was a mess for a week. I mean all of my clothes were on the ground and you had to wade in it to get out of the room. She might look good naked or clothed, but cleanliness is def. not a high priority with her.
I still need to find a roommate. I have some small leads, but next week, I really need to hit craigslist and find a place.
Threw out the idea of joining the military a while ago. Suzanne seems to be really big on me doing it. I think I should have kept the idea to myself for awhile longer. Well, I not going to join anytime soon, so I guess there is no harm.
Was suppose to be doing laundry, but forgot the buy detergent. Am still kinda wired on caffeine, so not sure what to do. I did take some Nyquil, so maybe that will help me sleep. Think that I will just lay and hold Suzanne and entertain myself in my head
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