Why is it when it’s

Why is it when it’s just Mark and I working at the Warehouse that is seems like we work harder than at any other time. It’s only 1pm and I am already exhausted. I mean it’s probably because it took me forever to goto sleep, but still, I feel totally exhausted.
I’ve finally figured out what is wrong with me. It’s my bed, or specifily the crack in the bed. I have a double room in the Village that I’m suppose to share with another roommate. But I don’t have one, so what I did was to push the two beds together so than instead of a single or full size bed, I would have a twin/queen size bed. It’s great cause I can stretch out all over the bed. But the crack in the middle of the bed is causing all of my problems. All of my energies are slipping into this crack and that is why hardly anything is getting done in my life, like my paper, my depression, school, sleeping patterns, money, eating. It’s all Feng Shuiey and stuff, so in order to fix it, I need to rearange my room.
Anyways, I am going to stay late at the warehouse in order to try to get focus and get more of the paper done. The theory is that staying in a cold and dark warehouse will somehow motivate me to write and get the stuff done. I know, I know, but hey, I’m desperate here.
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