Just got off the phone

Just got off the phone with Amber (my old boss). She is having difficulties with her daughter that makes all of my problems seem like child’s play. I feel so bad for her; I wish that I could just hug her and make all of her problems dissapear.
I’ve given up my dreams of having a child with Suzanne, and stuff like this kinda reaffirms the idea. Children today are just a different species. I mean I notice the difference between me and my brother (we have a 5 year difference). But it seems that teens are worse now. When I looked at my friends and their newborn children, I think of happy families laughing and playing and stuff. But know I wonder how their children are going to be when they become teens. Are they going to be even worst than what the children are now. I understand that there will always be a generation difference bewteen parent and child. But still, I don’t know.
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