Tm is outside teaching Mark

Tm is outside teaching Mark how to put pictures on the desktop. Something about ‘Camel Toe Shots’…
Mark has that total newbie internet user, learning about what you can and can’t do with the computer. Not sure if he has gotten into instanst messenger or chat yet. Oh boy, that will be a milestone for Mark.
Brings back memories of my begining internet experience…
….Now they are squabbling about disk space. I think that Peter is getting frustrated cause there isn’t a computer for him to use….
Anyway, the camel toe reminds me of the volleyball match on T.V. last night. OMG, talk about hard on. Them volleyball girls and their volleyball shorts, just clinging to their skin. Patting themselves on the butt after a good pay. **sigh** I’m just an old pervert. Not really, it was college girls, not the high school girls.
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