Comming down to the wire

**sigh** Nothing accomplished last night except for pages of teen angst stuff. Am I even allowed to use that classification for myself, teen angst? Am I even spelling it right?
The amazing thing was it was about 5-6 pages of rantings and ravings. I mean, you seen the crap that I type in here. So i guess it was the same crap, except for a whole lot more. Perfect for the crappy day that was yesterday.
Can all of my problems be solved with the magical pills called prozac and zoloft. I refuse to take welltrubrin because I think that it increases my forgetfullness (The one thing that I will never forget is the $120 CD player that I misplaced cause I forgot where I set it at.)
Has the human race progressed far enough that all of our pain and suffering can be cured with a pill. I mean, we have solved impotence with Viagra (I’ll worry about getting those blue pills later. It’s not about getting it up, but about having an extra inch or two and more cum. But then, isn’t it every guy’s dream to pull you member out and hose off the raging fire that is the one that you love with gallons of your…I was going to say man juice, but a)don’t know where the hell “Man Juice” came from b)I getting way off subject.)
Well, in two weeks time, I will be able to walk into my local Kaiser hospital and say, “two prozac weeklies please.” **sigh** My breath is funky, my hair is nappy, and my ears are waxy. Mom is going to have a field day with this pimple on my nose. Ah, the love of a mother. Good thing that I’m only staying one day. Not to insue that I don’t love my mom, cause I love my mamma. But I am getting delusional, so it’s time to fill myself up with breakfast. I’m thinking bayside cafe and some french toast. Why change now? Cause sacrifice is for naught; there is no right, there is no wrong. Either your way or the highway. I try to hold back the hands of time, but no mortal (or even a demi-mortal like mself) can stop the passage of time.
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