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Vampire and Human Sex!?!?! OH

Vampire and Human Sex!?!?! OH MY!!!!
Made the mistake of turning on the TV and Buffy was on. Oh man, that was a delicious worm hole to be sucked into. Spike is my hero. And Willow is still fucking hot.
Time to take a shower….I stink.
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test…1,2,.3 how do you spell

how do you spell kat
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Santahas his own LJ. Who

Santahas his own LJ. Who knew…
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Procrastination A-Go-Go

I was thinking about the Xmas party coming up and the Secret Santa that I signed up for. I remember last year I did a LJ secret Santa. Don’t remember who I had, but I believe that I got him a Three Musketeers DVD. I never did get my gift from my secret Santa.
I should look to see if they are doing one this year…
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I need to go on

I need to go on Oprah and have Dr. Phil yell at me.
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Tm is outside teaching Mark

Tm is outside teaching Mark how to put pictures on the desktop. Something about ‘Camel Toe Shots’…
Mark has that total newbie internet user, learning about what you can and can’t do with the computer. Not sure if he has gotten into instanst messenger or chat yet. Oh boy, that will be a milestone for Mark.
Brings back memories of my begining internet experience…
….Now they are squabbling about disk space. I think that Peter is getting frustrated cause there isn’t a computer for him to use….
Anyway, the camel toe reminds me of the volleyball match on T.V. last night. OMG, talk about hard on. Them volleyball girls and their volleyball shorts, just clinging to their skin. Patting themselves on the butt after a good pay. **sigh** I’m just an old pervert. Not really, it was college girls, not the high school girls.
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Just for the record, I

Just for the record, I am not really into lesbian porn. If two girls were making out in front of me, that wouldn’t interest me much….
I mean, I’d rather be in the middle of the action. Wouldn’t you?
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So much for trying to claim myself as a lesbian

Anybody can be a lesbian. Anybody. Are you?
error: you have failed question 1
You are a lesbian. Well, sort of. A lesbian trapped in a hairy, dangly man s body. You must be a lesbian because you love lesbians. Especially the ones with blonde hair and big plastic boobies who star in films called things like Lady-Lovin -Clit-Lickin -Muff-Puppies.
You know that all lesbians really need is the love of a good man and hey – you’re just the man to give it to them!
Unfortunately, most lesbians would rather sew up their own vaginas than take you up on your offer.
Keep trying though.
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Well, I made an appearance

Well, I made an appearance out in front of the cameras, pissed of the worker bees and finished my leftover breakfast in a fit of gluttony. “Bacon taste good; pork chops taste good”
I realise what my place in Hell is going to be. I’ve been making an effort on getting an office job; cubicle of hell/Dilbert type sorta thing. You know, mindlessly filing reports of damned souls. Maybe even work my way to a small window office, where I could look out and see the torturing of the new damned souls or something.
But I think that I am going to replace one of the gluttony guys. Either the one who has his mouth on fire and he can never put it out or the guy who is thirsty and can never drink the water because the tap turns of or there is a hole at the botton of his cup. (I can’t quite remember the exact punishment. Need to bust out a Greek Mythology book.)
Meanwhile the paper goes absolutely nowhere….
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I am a sinner and

I am a sinner and a going to hell because I cannot control my human nature and urges. Christians goto heaven because they can control their urges….and something about believing in God and the Bible. Anyway. Now after gourging myself on french toast and bacon, it’s time to take Tim to class.
And then when I get back, work on my paper maybe?
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