My office has become a reflection of my life

It’s a jumble of different forms…But most of it isn’t even my stuff. I only have a few of my personal thing here.
Also it’s cold, even though the heat is on.
I think that I’m just delusional cause I haven’t ate yet.
The various coworkers have called in sick. What else is new.
But they left me a nice stick figure picture for the frame for my desk.
I also left my books at home. Paper is still due. Tech. it’s not due to next Monday.
But it’s already late, so I want to turn it in ASAP
I forgot to take my medicine this morning. Guess I will have to wait to the afternoon.
Parents haven’t called. Think that they are mad at me cause I’m only staying overnight for Thanksgiving.
I should call to find out.
Does the pain suppose to make you stronger or weaker? I though it was stronger, but I’m not sure.
I wonder if my life is a dark comedy, or a happy travestry (sp?)
Wait…It seems that one of my coworkers did make it.
I should go out on the cameras and make an appearance.
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