Screw the Autobots, which Decepticon would I be…

If I was an Autobot, I’d be:

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There is a new Transformer cartoon of Fox in the afternoon. Iff you thought that the whole Transformers/Beast Wars mess was bad, you gotta take a look at this mess. It’s all anime’d up, but in a bad way.
Oy Fuckin Vey! Bring me back to the good old days of Bumblebee, Jazz, The Dinobots, and Optumus Prime. What am I talking about, the decepticons were the best. Megatron had to be one of the best villians ever, which both Starscream and Shockwave just waiting to stab him in the back and take over. But the best had to be Soundwave and that synth-heavy voice of his.
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