Sacrificial lamb for God, Incense for Buddha, and a virgin for Me….I mean Satan

So after semi-shutting himself off from the world in order to get a grip on his life, Joe is no closer to regaining his sainity. A two week journey into depression once again reaffirms that he has little to no reason to live and yet he doesn’t have the balls to kill himself and put himselff out of his misery. A funny thing, his papers are still no where close to complete. The 8 page paper is currently in a massive rewrite campaign in order to have something to offer to his teacher tomorrow when they have their meeting to discuss Joe’s future in the class. The 20pg paper is in dire need of a miracle, which was given when Joe found out that his paper will be one of the last papers presented. Now, if only his request for a time machine would go through so that he could go back a couple of weeks. Maybe a couple of months….O.K. , O.K. a whole bunch of years. Jeez… The one bright stop is that he is doing well in his Asian Amer. Studies class, getting a B+ on the midterm.
So where do that leave our hero. That leaves him with a splitting headache, and agonizing backache, a cherry sucker in his mouth, and driving to Antioch to cook dinner for his girlfriend tomorrow.
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