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See You Later, Space Cowboy….

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Almost forgot the greatest news of all this week….

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened in Daly City. Talking about 2 miles from where I’m at. WHOOHOO!!!
And even more good news, there is a Jamba Juice about a mile away next to the Daly City BART station. WHOOHOO!!!
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Well, I survived class tonight

Well, I survived class tonight with a healthy dose of caffeine. I’ve been cutting back on caffeine lately, but I think that I will change that way of thinking. Caffeine might just be the wonder drug I’ve been looking for; at least until next month when I get full health coverage and get the good stuff. Anyway, got more of my paper done and think that I am going to stay up a bit to work on it some more.
There is a lady in my class tonight that is also in my Monday night history class (the class with the papers that I’ve been bitching about). She totally feels the same way that I feel about school, in how we are so tired of school and don’t care if we graduate or not. She’s behind on her papers too. That gives me hope that I might actually pass the class. I got back the midterm for this class and even though it was 2 weeks late and I didn’t completely answer the question, I got a B. So I figure that if I hand in the paper tomorrow and convince the teacher that I have been reading the textbooks and know about the issues of the 1960’s then I will get a decent grade on this late paper; that would be a C or a D considering that the paper is 2.5 weeks late.
What else is going on? Need to find the recipes for the dinner that I am going to cook for Suzanne tomorrow. There is a nagging feeling that I should have planned better for this and maybe did a practice run. Oh well, if it comes out bad, then I guess I’ll have to take her and the family out.
Am tired of waiting for my graphics card company (ATI, I have a Raedon) to come out with a DVD player so that I can watch movies. So I think that I am going to buy PowerDVD. Wondering if I should download or buy a box copy? Even though it will cost a bit more, I think that I will buy a box. I got the high speed going on, but I’m afraid that something will happen. I tried to download Norton AV a long time ago and it sucked so bad. I had to call Customer Service and have them ship me a copy.
Been downloading wallpaper a lot lately for some reason. Mostly anime stuff.what would be cool if I scanned all of my Rolling Stone Covers and used them as a wallpaper or even better as a screen saver. Have to think about that.
Windows XP is still working fine for me. I just wished that I the MS Phone would have worked for it, I think that I will try to dump the phone on either my brother or my parents when I go up for Thanksgiving or X-mas. Or maybe I can sell it on EBay.
O. K. Caffeine is slowly wearing off. Need to get some typing done before I goto sleep.
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I have consulted my poo

And it says that I should work on the paper and goto sleep right after class so that I can wake up early to goto work where I can finish the rest of the paper. It also suggested that I eat more fiber.
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What to do, what to do….

AM very, very, tired after driving in hellish traffic and parking a mile away from campus. Have class in 30min until 9:30-10pm. Can not cut class. Also have paper due tomorrow @ 2pm for teacher. Have 5 out of the 8 min pages done, but realize that I am not good enough to squeeze the 1960’s into less than 3 pages, so will def. have to be 10 pages. I have 2 bottles of half drunken soda in refrig.
Do I Stay Up late and finish the paper, and be super tired all day tomorrow or do I goto sleep and wake up early and finish the paper tomorrow.
I will go have a poo and think about it.
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Sacrificial lamb for God, Incense for Buddha, and a virgin for Me….I mean Satan

So after semi-shutting himself off from the world in order to get a grip on his life, Joe is no closer to regaining his sainity. A two week journey into depression once again reaffirms that he has little to no reason to live and yet he doesn’t have the balls to kill himself and put himselff out of his misery. A funny thing, his papers are still no where close to complete. The 8 page paper is currently in a massive rewrite campaign in order to have something to offer to his teacher tomorrow when they have their meeting to discuss Joe’s future in the class. The 20pg paper is in dire need of a miracle, which was given when Joe found out that his paper will be one of the last papers presented. Now, if only his request for a time machine would go through so that he could go back a couple of weeks. Maybe a couple of months….O.K. , O.K. a whole bunch of years. Jeez… The one bright stop is that he is doing well in his Asian Amer. Studies class, getting a B+ on the midterm.
So where do that leave our hero. That leaves him with a splitting headache, and agonizing backache, a cherry sucker in his mouth, and driving to Antioch to cook dinner for his girlfriend tomorrow.
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Screw the Autobots, which Decepticon would I be…

If I was an Autobot, I’d be:

Take the Transformers personality test at android5.com!

There is a new Transformer cartoon of Fox in the afternoon. Iff you thought that the whole Transformers/Beast Wars mess was bad, you gotta take a look at this mess. It’s all anime’d up, but in a bad way.
Oy Fuckin Vey! Bring me back to the good old days of Bumblebee, Jazz, The Dinobots, and Optumus Prime. What am I talking about, the decepticons were the best. Megatron had to be one of the best villians ever, which both Starscream and Shockwave just waiting to stab him in the back and take over. But the best had to be Soundwave and that synth-heavy voice of his.
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