Your fortune for today…

You are more sensitive than you realize.
Is that what it is? That I’m too sensitive? But for that to be true, I would have to have feeling and emotions. I just feel listless and I’m tired or faking it for everybody.
So the natural thing to do is when my health coverage kicks in, to go in and have the doctoes and the shrinks dope me up with Welltrubin, Zoloft, and Prozac. I wonder if they still do electric shock theorpy, I seem to remember in one of the Oz books (there were a whole series, not just the Wizard of Oz) that the main character was given eletric shock theropy when she was here and no in Oz. Why don’t I save money and just lick my finger and stick in into a light socket.
At least I’m not feeling the slash marks on my wrist anymore. I didn’t cut myself, but a couple of days ago, it felt like I did. I think that I just slept on it wrong. If I can jury rig my camera to work on XP, then maybe I’m record myself sleeping. I know that I sleep funky sometimes, but wonder just how wierd.
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