Slowly losing my mind

I could have sworn that I made a post this morning from work, but it’s not there. Nothing really mind blowing, just blah, blah rants
Well, I’m at home now surveying the damage that I have caused to my room this weekend. It’s in a large pile covered by my mink blanket right now. **sigh** The messiness of my room has always been an indication of my mood. Well it’s not looking good, people. I am in a serious funk that I wonder if I can ever get out of. Of course I will, but it might take awhile to do so.
Not even installing Windows XP is helping my mood. Buying more computer stuff is a short term boost that not lasting as long. O. K. once Civilization III comes out on Wed, then I might be happy for awhile.
What would really make me happy is a new car. When to different car sites looking at car prices and stuff. It’s all so nerve wracking. Suzanne really wants me to get a Saturn, and while I’ve moved closer to getting one, I’m still kinda hesitant about it. Blah, I’ll just keep the old Metro for the rest of my life. How’s about that.
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