From reading Suzanne’s journal, it

From reading Suzanne’s journal, it seems that she is having a good time with Geekgrrl in Chico. Even though I didn’t go to the LJ BBQ in S. F. a couple of months ago, I have met a couple of LJ’ers in real life. I’ve met doomie, faeriequeen, joe_black, kabuki,and covalence. I knew apriljoyand bigabear long before I was even on Livejournal. There are people that I wondered how they would be like in real life, but I don’t really have the inclination to meet them. Livejournal for me is more of a thing just for myself, and not for others. I type my peace and don’t care what people think. O. K. that’s not true all the time; I have posted things to the community, but it was more to get info that to be neighborly. I have no desire to be a celebrity like others are. If I am on your list fine; if not, oh well.
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