Surprisingly, I was able to

Surprisingly, I was able to get my 2day air package today instead of waiting until next week. What I got:
My 32 MB CompactFlash Card for my Digital Camera 77-81 pictures compared to 24-27 with my 10mb card
My 20GB Hard Drive. I am going to put my OS on it cause it is faster than my 60GB. Also, I needed to buy something so that I could get….
Windows XP OEM. **sigh** I am a Microsoft Whore. It’s true. But the thing is that I don’t have all of the hangups and hatred for Microsoft like everybody else does. Most of my computer hardware is MS; the keyboard, the mouse, the gamepad and joystick. I even have a MS Cordless Phone. And I love every one of them. Anyway, I will probably wait a week before installing XP cause I’m still waiting on drivers for my soundcard.
In other news, I am still tired of school. I wish that I could drop tonight’s class also, but what I think that I will do is take it credit/no credit and half-ass my way through the class.
O.K., have to scour the internet for info. fun
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