*sigh* For my meal of

*sigh* For my meal of the day., I decided to have Subway. No more fasting, just one big meal a day and that’s it. We’ll see how it goes…
If you would look at my desk, it looks like I’m super busy with all of the papers on it. But actually, I pretty behind. I’m suppose to be working on school stuff, but that has gone nowhere. There is also work paperwork that I should be attending, but I think that I am going to dump it on TIm tomorrow.
Thought about jumping in the CircleK controversy, but I think that I will save my 2cents for here. This is what he wrote:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Nuclear Bomb has just been detonated in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. Sources are not certain if this was an American bomb or not… more to come.
Then after the LJ Cut he had this to say:
I know this has not happened yet, but with Pakistan and India battling it out, how long do you think before we start using Nukes or bringing out the Star Wars Toys from the 80’s that Reagan developed (not him, but were developed in his era)?
If he wouldn’t have prefaced (sp?) the begining as being from Reuters News Service or if he kept everything out in the open instead of doing a LJ-Cut, then I might not be as upset. But what he did was an online equivilant of yelling “Fire” in a crowded movie theather.
Personally, if I was a ruling god of Livejournal, I would consider suspending his account for awhile. But I don’t know if he has broken any of the TOS rules or not.
What else is going on in my dreary life. My computer stuff should be here by now. But because of the Anthrax scare, I’m sure it will be another week before I get it. So much for paying for 2day delivery.
Almost got into an accident today. Will def. go looking on Sat for a new car. I would like either a Toyota Celica or a VW Jetta, but I just want to get something that I can afford. Even if it means getting a Saturn.
O.K. I got too much stuff to do. I need to get on it.
**sigh** I am in such a need for inspiration. Where is my muse to inspire me?
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