Look out below….

I’ve lost my book for the paper that I have due. I even drove out to the warehouse and I can’t find it. I’m very upset about it. So I’m not really too sure what to do for my paper. I guess I could try to write something using my notes only, but not too sure that will work. Maybe I’ll borrow Reina’s book for a couple of hours.
Anyway, went to Carl Jr.. and then to Baskin Robbins. I know, I’m not doing a very good job not eating out. There was a line out the door @ Baskin Robbins and I realize that I don’t have to wait in this line, I can make my own Cappuccino Blast. So I go to Walgreens and get some ice cream and I head back home and make a shake with the coffee ice cream and T.G.I.Friday’s Mudslide mix. Way too much mix, and a little thin, otherwise, it’s O. K.
Eddie is a little annoyed with me cause I ask him to clean the kitchen. All he did was put his food away. The counter and the floor are still a mess, as is the bathroom. I got too many things to do to deal with him and his sophomoric additude, i.e. I’m going to have to clean his mess. Well, I will at least make sure that he gets charged for everything that he left a mess.
Suzanne has great news that I will let her talk about on her journal. I need to figure out what I’m going to do about this paper.
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