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Why would a civilian need

Why would a civilian need a version of a M-16?
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Look out below….

I’ve lost my book for the paper that I have due. I even drove out to the warehouse and I can’t find it. I’m very upset about it. So I’m not really too sure what to do for my paper. I guess I could try to write something using my notes only, but not too sure that will work. Maybe I’ll borrow Reina’s book for a couple of hours.
Anyway, went to Carl Jr.. and then to Baskin Robbins. I know, I’m not doing a very good job not eating out. There was a line out the door @ Baskin Robbins and I realize that I don’t have to wait in this line, I can make my own Cappuccino Blast. So I go to Walgreens and get some ice cream and I head back home and make a shake with the coffee ice cream and T.G.I.Friday’s Mudslide mix. Way too much mix, and a little thin, otherwise, it’s O. K.
Eddie is a little annoyed with me cause I ask him to clean the kitchen. All he did was put his food away. The counter and the floor are still a mess, as is the bathroom. I got too many things to do to deal with him and his sophomoric additude, i.e. I’m going to have to clean his mess. Well, I will at least make sure that he gets charged for everything that he left a mess.
Suzanne has great news that I will let her talk about on her journal. I need to figure out what I’m going to do about this paper.
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I didn’t really realize how

I didn’t really realize how bad of a movie Wing COmmander is. It’s a shame really, cause the game wasn’t half bad. Anyways, the A’s are getting their butts kicked, I’ve gotten most of my work done, and I might have left a textbook that I need at work, so I am going to Carl’s Jr. for dinner. Yum!!
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Elvis Gerbac has a thing for tight ends…

Damn, I wish I could have gotten a sound byte of that. Anyway, done with Deus Ex for the day. I found a good strategy for killing the two bosses at the end of level 4. Instead of trying to slug it out with Anna and Gunther, just snipe at them in the subway level. I died anyway, cause I was running out of ammo and Guther got a killer shot on me. Anyway, blah, blah, blah.
It is so hot here in the room. If I didn’t have stuff to do, I think I would take an adventure and search for a nude beach so that I could even out my tan. **sigh** Oh well. I think that I am going to take a shower first and change into some shorts. It must be hot if I am wearing shorts cause I never wear shorts.
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Post Depression Hangover…

Well, I’m up kinda early on a Sunday. I got’s lots of work to do; need to get all the work due this week done so that I can go to these two wedding starting on Thursday. But in good news, Eddie is starting to pack up his stuff. Yay!!! I still think that I am going to get stuck cleaning his shit, but I’m going to make sure that he gets charged for it. I guess I should wait and see. I guess the big question is whether I will get a roommate that is better or worse than Eddie? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I think that I am going to rearrange the room when Eddie leaves. Right now the door is in one corner and the beds and the desk are against the walls. I think that I am going to the bed parallel to each other and set the desks up as a wall separating the beds. Now sure if that will work or not. The other thing is that I want to put the computer next to the window so that it can have some cooling. Last night, it overheated again; I really have to get it from underneath the desk. I think that I will stop running it during the day. The MS phone is messing up for some reason. I think it is cause I installed the XP update advisor, but not too sure.
Yesterday I went out to the Ren Faire with Suzanne, Judy and Dale.. Judy is a friend of the family and Dale is her husband. It was good times, although I was kinda tired cause of no sleep. I got home Friday night and tried to goto sleep, but Eddie came home and then later Matt and Casey came home with some girls so I didn’t end up sleeping until 4am. Anyway, Judy bought this beautiful painting of these dragons that I have been lust at for years now. I picked up another fairy figurine for Amber, cause she really needs some cheering up about now. The feast at the Boar’s Inn wasn’t as good as I’ve had before. The most frightening sight had to be the lady in front of us with the lumpy ass. I mean, this ass was lumpy in multiple places.
After the faire, we headed over to Target to get some wedding gifts; the little kids there just stared at us; me and my hat with feathers and Suzanne still in a peasant costume. Then we headed over to Vallejo to check on her grandmother and to have dinner. Then I took Suzanne home and sung songs to her and told her a bedtime story involving various musical artists stuck at a Ski Lodge.
Well, I think that the depression of the last week is going away, which is good cause there is a lot of stuff going on today. I have to do lots of reading and I have a 5-6 page paper to spit out. I also still need to get a haircut and buy some clothes for the weddings. And then Ii want to go look at cars. I need to narrow down what I want to get. I would like a Celeca or a Jetta. But if I have to, I’ll get a Saturn. What I really want in it is this. The only thing is that it costs $999 just for the 10GB hard drive. YIKES!!!! Still, that would be such a cool thing to have, Of course, I would need a 20-30 GB hard drive for all of my CD’s. Hmmm, I guess I could live with a 10GB and just put the songs that I actually like on it. Maybe I should focus on getting the car first before I worry about accessories.
O. K. I think that I am going to sneak in a quick game of Deus Ex (I’m on the 4-5 mission. yeah!) and then I will get to work.
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