Daily Archives: October 11, 2001

Well, today was blah. Amber

Well, today was blah. Amber came to work to show off her new Mustang. Then I tried to go shopping cause I was depressed, but ended up eating from Una Mas. Good Mexican food there. Anyway, I missed class to stay home to watch Lashou Shentan a.k.a. Hard Boiled. That made me feel better for awhile. Then I spent the rest of the night reading and burning Dave Matthews CD’s for Suzanne. 8/10 CD’s isn’t that bad. I was suppose to be done tonight though cause I have most of Mike’s CD’s. But I didn’t even get to his stuff (He wanted me to make copies for him too.) I think that this will take until Friday maybe. I hope he can survive without Dave for a couple of more days.
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