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Cunnilingus and Psychology brought us to this

I have to force myself to only watch one episode a night so I can get some studying done. Still have 1 1/2 DVD’s left to watch.
Eddie downloading stuff on his laptop.
Eddie: What does it mean when it says that you are out of space?
Joe: Your hard drive is full
Eddie: What’s a hard drive?
**sigh** He has a pretty nice laptop too. It’s a shame that he doesn’t know anything about it. Also I think that he changes the phone lines, so that’s why my phone line doesn’t work. But I won’t have a chance to find out until Friday.
Talked to Suzanne tonight after class and walked home almost in tears. She sounds so sick and has so much stuff going on. I want to drive up and hold her and take care of her so bad. But I won’t be able to see her until Friday. I hope she get’s better in time for Joyfest this weekend.
I feel another computer lesson coming on with Eddie. Did kinda the same with Matt, but Matt knew stuff about computers. Have a feeling that Eddie only know how to turn the computer on and download MP3’s and porn. **sigh**
O. K. going to clean and organize my room and get some studying in before midnight.
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Have a surprise for Suzanne.

Have a surprise for Suzanne. Not sure when I can spring it on her. It might have to wait until after we get back from the weddings.
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Bad JOE!!!!

O. K. NO MORE EBAY!!!!!!!!
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So tomorrow is my “White

So tomorrow is my “White people are responsible for the decline of civilization” Chinese American Class. I would cut, but I know that next week there is no class, so I think that I will just go and suffer. I think the teacher likes me, or at least knows that I am somewhat knowledgeable about Chinese history. Yay, participation points.
**sigh** I really need more substantial journal entries, if nothing else just to make my journal a little interesting. I just haven’t had any substantial thoughts. O. K., I have had some thoughts, but have been too lazy to put them down. Laziness conquered my dad and it will conquer me also.
God Damn, just last night it was hot as fuck. Now it’s cold as fuck. This crazy weather pattern is going to kill me.
Still not sure why the phone doesn’t work. I think that I will try changing phone wires tomorrow. If that doesn’t work then on Friday I guess I will call the phone center.
Suzanne, do you want to go to Ikea on Saturday with me? Taking Reina and Daniel there so that they can pick up furniture. I need to go cause I gotta start thinking about buying my own furniture. I got to start looking for a place to live. Anybody in the Bay Area looking for a roommate. Prefer someone living in S. F. or on the Peninsula.
Life with Edidie is interesting. Still taking in the cocaine comment; still have to do an inventory of my stuff. I wonder why pot doesn’t raise any bells, but cocaine does. I mean truthfully, I don’t care either way, as long as I’m not part of it. To each their own is my motto. But still, it’s almost been a month and I still don’t know much about him. All we have talked about is sex, drugs, and alcohol. Not that that’s bad, but maybe it’s the age difference. He seems so young, I mean with all this stuff, it’s so freshman like. I could have sworn that he said that he was in school for 5 years. Or was that 5 semesters? Well, the bathroom sink is getting nastier and nastier, I might take a picture of it tomorrow. I think that I will ask him to clean it this weekend. We’ll see what he does about it. He says that he’s been throwing up a lot since that first time I heard him a couple of weeks ago. Yuck. I wonder if I should sterilize the house again. Well between the bathroom and the kitchen, I might have too. O. K. enough about the roommate.
It’s a good thing that we aren’t staying too long in Vegas. If Dave & Busters is any indication, I would have blown ALOT of money. I wonder how much April and Steven spend there, esp. since they go every week. It’s a fun time even if i didn’t play the games. Just watching the people there; out on dates or trying to pick up or flirt with people. It’s fun stuff to watch.
O. K. one more episode of The Sopranos and then off to sleep
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