Did I mention that I love The Sopranos

**sigh** And I was worried about Civ III coming out this month. I am so glad that I got my paper done. Now trying to get through the first season of Sopranos by this week. It is just so fucking addicting.
At Dave & Busters, they have a machine that morphs two pwople to show you what your child could look like. Of course Suzanne and I do it. But when the computer scanned my face, I was missing a chunk out of my face. It was embarrassing cause there was a crowd of people watching us. **sigh** Anyway, our “child” looks alot like Suzanne’s younger sister, Kimberlee.
I need to go shopping and I have to do laundry this week. I guess I’ll have to wait until this weekend. so much stuff to do, so little time.
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