What a blah blah day

Well the special collections was closed, so I went to the regular library to look for info. No good, so I spent more time reading my textbook and magazines. Anyway, I saw Daniel and Reina on my way out of the library and it looks like that they have the apartment in Park Merced. Next month, I really have to start looking for a place to live since my lease is up at the end of this semester.
Drove up to see Suzanne. Seems that she spent money at the Ren Faire on a variety of stuff, including a tail. It is such a luscious and full tail too. We grabbed some KFC cause I was having a craving and we headed over to Jason’s house to watch the Shawshank Redemption. Jason’s brother and his friends were playing Dungeons and Dragons and it made me reminisce about when in high school, we would go over to Jesse Holm’s house and play all night long. **sigh** Anyway, Suzanne and Jason didn’t like the movie. I knew that some parts would be too violent for her, but I really thought that she would enjoy it more. I mean it is depressing for some parts, but the story is so good and the actors are just great in there role. **sigh** One of God’s greatest jokes is the relationship that Suzanne and I have.
Anyway, I had to split cause they were closing the Bay Bridge at 1am and I wanted to make it in time. So I am home now kinda sleepy, but not really. Actually, my throat is a bit sore, but that could be cause of all the candied almonds that I had or the Midori and Sprite that I had. Well, I’ll do some reading for awhile before I goto sleep.
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