Notes From Class

— I am going to fail this class.
— **sigh** Listening to the people around me talk about stuff just makes me realize how stupid I am. O. K., I’m not stupid; I just need to suck it up and just take care of this school stuff.
— I saw Mia Green (she is an old friend from high school); she is coming over after class so we can get some drinks and catch up on stuff.
— The teacher is here; let the slaughter begin.
— Lots of thoughts going through my head. I need to sort them out. “What Am I Doing With My Life?” Blah, blah, blah. What I need to do is find new questions to ask myself.
— What am I going to do? I think that I should have joinedthe Army; Let Uncle Sam decide my fate. Infantry, here I come. I wonder if it is too late to join. Just a minute ago, I was a person in charge, networking and socializing with five different people, walking through the halls like I owned them or something. Now I am sitting in a room with my classmates; calm on the outside, but quivering with fear and uncertainty.
— O. K. lets going with the rest of the class to look at tools.
— Looked at a display of documents from the Restaurant and Hotel Unions from the 1900’s to the present. Kind of fascinating. Wonder if there are any history records for Suzanne’s Electrician Union?
— Now in a presentation of theS. F. Strike from a labor/union view. There is a lot of information and it is very interesting. I wish that I could have a day to just sit and read all of it. But I have to figure out what to do a 15-25 page paper on. I was going to focus on the media coverage, but I think that I might focus on Hayakawa with some kind of relation to his Asian Amer background. **sigh** Blah, blah, blah. Like the shirt says, “Because you like to think people care…”
Current mood: blah
Current music: Madonna – Shanti/Ashtangi