Daily Archives: September 17, 2001

Long Weekend

Friday I took my newly fixed car up to Antioch to see Suzanne. She cooked me a fabulious dinner of pork chops, potatoes au gratin, and some really kick ass garlic mushrooms. After dinner, we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and then back to her house to lay down on her bed and to act silly for a couple of hours.
Sat. we were suppose to meet at the Ren Faire, but Suzanne’s cell phone died and I left my Check card at home. All I had was $30 dollars and I needed gas, so I got gas and tried calling suzanne to make sure she was there, before I used the rest of my money to get in. But I couldn’t get a hold of her, so I spent most of the day with my friend Steph. and her child. I haven’t seen her in ages, so it was good to see the both of them. So I came home and talked to Suzanne for awhile and finished off with some studying.
Sunday, Suzanne came down to take me to the Academy of Science. I had a good time, although, we should have went on a weekday when there wouldn’t have been that many kids around. They had a kick ass cafe with some damn good fries.
After that we stopped off at the mall to look for wedding clothes for us. I went to Nordstroms to try on some suits, but I could find anything that I liked. We went to Macy*s to look at dresses. I made her try on some gold dresses that she didn’t like. O.K. one was really bad, kinda like a slutty moster girl look. The other one wasn’t as bad as she though it was…O.K. maybe it was. Anyway, she couldn’t find anything so we went to Borders to get something to drink and I picked up the new Bjork for myself and the Shawshank Redemption on DVD for Suzanne cause she has never seen it before (Can you believe it?). After that, she dropped me off and I headed home.
Has soon as I got home I get a call from her saying that she was in an accident. Thank God she wasn’t hurt. So I drove to the accident and the CHP was already there. The car doesn’t look too good. The front left tire is bent inwards and the left side is banged up all over. So she filed the report and the tow truck came to tow the car away. We got her stuff out and then I drove her back home. After awhile, I left and was driving home and just started bawling. When I first got that call, all I could think of was the accident that my mom got in when she was run off the road by a truck. But, I stayed calm and went to the accident to be with Suzanne and to make sure that she was O.K. and stuff. The same thing with my mom’s accident, my dad totally broke down and I had to be strong for everybody until things calmed down a bit and then I broke down and cried.
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