Notes from my History Class…

I am going to die!!!
Oh man, am I going to die!
I am going to fail this class and die!
I am going to lose my job and die.
I am going to live out of a cardboard box and die!
I am going to die!!!
I am going to die over the Internet!!!
I am going to the 6th floor of the library to die!
I am gong to die by the squeaking of the professors chair.
I need to go to a web site to die.
Did I mention that I am going to die?
I wonder if it is too late to change majors and die?
One more time, I am going die.
Changed classrooms; still going to die.
I have to tell Suzanne that I love her before I die.
I have to get a haircut before I die.
I get to plan my death and have my classmates plan my death.
“Are you gonna diiiie!?!” aks Jar Jar Binks.
I get to narrate my death; Oh Joy!!!
I think that I want to die…
I think that I am going to die…
O. K. I’m not really going to die. But it will be tough…
Damn, I just dropped my back scratcher out the window.
Anyway, I have a new roommate. The last 15 minutes we have talked about drugs. Not a good sign. Yup, not a good sign indeed.
There is a shit load of stuff that I need to do before I sleep tonight, so I’d better get too it…
Current mood: uncomfortable
Current music: Santana – Migra