Daily Archives: September 10, 2001

Notes from my History Class…

I am going to die!!!
Oh man, am I going to die!
I am going to fail this class and die!
I am going to lose my job and die.
I am going to live out of a cardboard box and die!
I am going to die!!!
I am going to die over the Internet!!!
I am going to the 6th floor of the library to die!
I am gong to die by the squeaking of the professors chair.
I need to go to a web site to die.
Did I mention that I am going to die?
I wonder if it is too late to change majors and die?
One more time, I am going die.
Changed classrooms; still going to die.
I have to tell Suzanne that I love her before I die.
I have to get a haircut before I die.
I get to plan my death and have my classmates plan my death.
“Are you gonna diiiie!?!” aks Jar Jar Binks.
I get to narrate my death; Oh Joy!!!
I think that I want to die…
I think that I am going to die…
O. K. I’m not really going to die. But it will be tough…
Damn, I just dropped my back scratcher out the window.
Anyway, I have a new roommate. The last 15 minutes we have talked about drugs. Not a good sign. Yup, not a good sign indeed.
There is a shit load of stuff that I need to do before I sleep tonight, so I’d better get too it…
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Weekend wrap up

The big event this weekend happened today with Suzanne taking me to my first pro football game. I have pictures (mostly of the game) and I will post them when I get around to it. Also had an racial incident which is something that I would expect in the midwest, or the deep south, or in Oregon. Anyway, go to Suzanne’s journal to get the scoop on that incident.
What else happened this weekend? Suzanne and I went shopping for the wedding. Both of us struck out for outfits to wear to the weddings next month, but Suzanne had better luck than I did. I am most likely going to buy a suit, since I don’t have one. It’s a wardrobe item that I should have anyway. Maybe Friday night after work, I go and see Mr. George Zimmer about a suit.
Also went car shopping in Vallejo. The UPS driver told me about a sale that they were having at the Solano Fairgrounds, so on Sat. Suzanne and I stopped by. I had totally forgotten how predatory and slick used car salesmen could be. Oy Vey!!! When I got I went shopping for my first car, I went with my mom, who knew all of these car salesmen, so I didn’t have to really deal with them and I got a hook up. Well, most of the cars were a bust, but there was this 98 or 99 Mustang that had either 5,000 or 10,000 miles on it and was only $14,000. It had power locks/windows, AC, CD player and everything. It was an automatic, which sucked, but I seriously considered seeing if I could leave the fairgrounds with it. But I decided not too. I think that I want a brand new car. Besides, I’m sure the amount of gas that I would have to put in it would give me a heart attack.
I got this letter in the mail from the school and in it is a check for all of my rent for last semester. I went to the bank to deposit the check in my savings account. The problem; the check was suppose to have been canceled. It is the original check that the school sent to the wrong address and was supposedly lost. Well, the plan is if the check doesn’t go through, I’ll just say that I thought that I was getting a refund for all the trouble that I went through last year and that I didn’t look at the date on the check. But if it does go through, then I am putting that money on an down payment on a new car.
I have so many things to do and to say, but I am so tired and I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow I start my last class, the one class that I have to pass to graduate. Also I have to get orders received for the big electronics faire this week.
O. K. bed time
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