Daily Archives: September 7, 2001

I had a dream….

I was in a classroom with the kids from Malcolm in the middle. The teacher was at the board blabing away and stuff. I heard a clicking noise and looked down and there was a scorpian on the floor. It wasn’t a big scorpian or anything. It was just scurrying around the floor. So what do I do? I start stomping my feet around it, agitating the hell out of it. Malcolm and his brothers are warning me to stop before I get stung, but I don’t listen. So the scorpian is now a little bigger, and I remember it getting into the trash can and it is eating stuff, I think that it is hair. So I start to pay attention to the teacher and then this kitten comes bouncing along. I tap my toes to get it’s attention, but the scorpian comes back out and it is much bigger than before. I tried to step on it before it could sting me, but it gets me a couple of times before it dies. I remember feeling the vemon attacking my leg and going up to my body and I think I said something about not having insurance yet. I could feel myself dying, but that’s when I woke myself up.
I wonder what it all means?
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