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No, Not Work!!!!

**sigh** Tomorrow, back to the chaos that is the first weeks of school. I have to get through to the Advising center to find out is I can get out of this Asian Amer Class.
I’ve finish cleaning up the room, since I don’t know when I’ll be getting a new roommate. I wish that I wasn’t getting one, cause I like have both beds pushed together so that I’m sleeping on one big bed. Hopefully, I won’t have any problems with the new roommate.
O. K. the room is cleaned, my teeth are brushed, so I think that I’m going to bed early so that I can get to work tomorrow.
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Suzanneand I got out of

Suzanneand I got out of the house around 1pm and headed to Golden Gate park to visit the Academy of Sciences, cause I’ve never been before. After getting a sweet parking space in front of the Academy and paying three dollars for parking, we find out that it is closed cause of a fire that they had. 🙁 With the de Young Museum also closed, there was no reason to stay; O. K. we could have gone to the Japanese Tea Gardens, but I wasn’t up for that and besides, it looked really crowded.
So we took off to goto Concord to Sun Valley Mall, via a scenic route through San Francisco (we went down Fulton to go downtown and got on the freeway at 5th street). Anyway, we eventually got to the mall and after eating lunch at Johnny Rockets, we did some shopping. Unfortunately, we just wasn’t really in the mood to shop, and so we kinda half-assed around. Kinda of a disappointment.
Afterward, we headed up to Antioch to wait for Suzanne’s family to show up so that we could goto Vallejo to have dinner with her grandmother. Suzanne’s younger sister, Kimberlee showed up from the Ren Faire and we waited around. I continued my mini-crusade of cleaning their house by helping them make a path through the living room so that when the movers come tomorrow with their new beds, they’ll have room to move. We found some memento’s and Suzanne’s old yearbook, which was fun to look through. Eventually Suzanne’s mom showed up, but it was too late for us to go out for dinner.
Suzanne’s mom and Kimberlee went out and Suzanne and I hung out at her house talking for a couple of hours. Then I had to leave to catch BART. I thought that I would have an uneventful trip, but I think that there was this Mexican guy trying to hit on me. So I moved seats and then there was this bum that was harassing me. SO I got off at the Oakland stop to get away from the both of them. 20 min later I boarded another train and got to Daly City safety.
Muni took forever to get to the BART station, and there was this guy, who I guess had never taken the bus before, cause he was nervous as fuck. It was driving me crazy. The bus eventually came and I got to the campus in one piece. So I’m walking to my apartment and there is this drunk guy swerving all over the path in front of me. I kept my distance and if he would have gotten in real trouble, I’d would have helped him. But he made it to the dorms O. K. and it was funny just watching him.
**yawn** I am pretty tired so I’m hitting the sack. Tomorrow is homework for me. I’m hoping that I can drop my Asian Amer. Seminar class; but until I do, I need to do the homework. I have to make a presentation of the Asian Americans from Nepal, Tibet, and Bangladesh. I have to find population, economy, education, and one other figure and I have to find these figures for national, state, and city. I also have to come up with some ideas for my final project, I have to write a one page bio sheet with my info on it, and I have to prepare some interview question to ask the professor on Tuesday. **sigh** I really hope that I can get out of this class. I was also going to goto Borders to see if they have any books on theSFSU Strike of 1969 (for my history class that I need to take to graduate.) And if Peter is home, I might have him drive me to work to pick up my car so I can drop it off at Sears. O.k. Sleep time.
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