Notes From My Human Sexuality Class

The teacher is pretty funny; he has an accent, either Irish or Scandinavian. There is only one test and one paper (10 pages). Which is good and bad, I guess. **sigh** Once again, I’ll be writing a shit load of papers. Most of my classes are upper division and your are required to write 10pg papers for each class. 10 pages isn’t that big of a deal, even though I tend to make a big deal out of it.
The class is in a lecture hall; I haven’t had a class this big and in a lecture hall since the Astronomy class that I took in Solano. That was a bad experience with Lesa and it was at 8am in the morning. So if I didn’t cut class, I was talking to Lesa the whole time. Of course I had to withdraw in order to not get the F that I was headed for. Anyway, I will definitely have to get to class on time in order to get a good seat.
The professor doesn’t take role, so I will be able to get out of the class in October for the wedding in Las Vegas. Problem is that the midterm is the week after the wedding, so I would miss the review for the midterm. But there are people in the class that I think that I know so maybe I can hook up with them and get the notes for that day.
Someone called on my cell from 515 area code. I wonder what area code that is? update — 515 IA Iowa (Des Moines, Ames, Fort Dodge, Jefferson and central Iowa) — Who the HELL do I know in Iowa?)
We also get the day before Thanksgiving off. Whoo Hoo!! Gives me a chance to get out of town and fly up to Washington for Thanksgiving.
Uh….white guys with dreads really bug the hell out of me. I really just want to cut them out. I’ll have to make sure not to sit behind that guy in class.
I remember that April did something like this last year, but I don’t think that I will scan them like she did; I’ll probably just type them in. I don’t mind typing; it helps me out with my typing skills and I don’t mind too much. Once school gets into full swing, the notes probably won’t be this long or detailed anyway.
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