24 hours and counting….

One more day before school starts; I am not ready. I will be working Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00pm and then I have class Monday-Thursday from 7pm to 10pm. I could have sworn that I made a vow not to take any more night classes; what happened? I have to keep telling myself that this will be the last semester of school and that if I survive, I’ll get my diploma.
But I have to survive first. Business has def. picked up at the bookstore and at the warehouse. I took the guys out for breakfast this morning, but that still wasn’t enough to stop Peterand his bitching. I like Peter and he is a good worker; it’s just getting him to work. And he has such an additude about it. I swear I almost lost it. Mark is kinda the same way, but at least Mark works. **sigh** Well tomorrow, it is going to be even more busier, but I Peter will mostly be driving, so I don’t have to listen to him bitch if he does.
This might get me in trouble, BUT, I saw the most perfect breast on a girl today. They were just the right size, the right shape, just everything. She was with her boyfriend, but that didn’t stop Peter and I just staring at her as she crossed the street.
Trying to finish up birthday shopping for Suzanneand getting ready for the weddings that we have to goto in October. Her best friend is getting married in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hotell. So I got us a room for the night. I wish that we had time to stay at least one day, so that we could see the sites, go to a show and stuff, but we have to leave the next day to goto Portland for her sister’s wedding that weekend. Poop! I still need to find a hotel in Portland. Tiffany (the sister that is getting married) is coming down this weekend with her fiance and his children, so it should be interesting to say the least.
We are all going to theRenaissance Faire this weekend, so that should be fun (At least it will be HOT). Suzanneand her younger sister, Kimberlee are going to make me a costume, although it probably won’t be ready for this faire. So I’ll have to rent, which is no problem. This year might also be the year that I buy a cloak for myself. I have been pining for one for years now. I’ll also pick up some shoes for my costume. It’s always good times at the faire and this year shouldn’t be any different.
Looking and listening outside my window, seeing and hearing all of these people on campus is kinda weird after a summer of quietness. There are new people moving in on my floor and it’s interesting to see the stuff that they have has they walk on by. Actually, my roommate, Justin is moving out and I’ll be getting a new roommate. Kinda sucks, but I’m used to it by now. Just hoping that this roommate is cool and all.
Wondering what I should do with this journal and all. I have looked around, and I actually do have a bloggeraccount, but I don’t really like blogger ad I haven’t posted on it. But I am starting to get tired of not being able to get on to Livejournal to read my journal and others. I still haven’t decided to renew or not; I think that when pus comes to shove, that I will renew another year. I’m sure when I start to post on a regular basis again that I will want to keep the journal and all. I still wish that there was a way that I could combine all of my journals into one user name. Oh well.
This is the cell phone that I got Suzannefor her birthday. It’s a little small for my taste, but it’s pretty cool. They have the same phone for Sprint, so I might buy one too. We’ll see. I have some stuff that I bought online, but I’m not sure if it will get here in time. And then I have one more major purchase to make. All these gifts for the love of my life. **kiss**
O. K. I think that I have caught up enough for right now. I need to take a shower and go watchThe Source Awards; see how many rappers and thugs get shot this year.
Current mood: tired
Current music: Indigo Girls – I Dont Wanna Know