Well, both my mouse and

Well, both my mouse and my RAM are on their way here, so that’s some good news.
It was my brother’s birthday today; he fucking 22 years old. That I can’t believe. I told them that I probably wouldn’t be able to come up because of the car. Now that’s poopy.
Tried to register for classes, but I have some kind of hold, so I have to call tomorrow. I wonder if it is because of the Emer. Loan that I have. I’ve made all of the the payment so far. **sigh**
I know what my problem is. It’s the fact that I’m not gullible and that I am a psycho, craized, stubborn person. If I was a mindless sheep, the world would be a much better place. I am almost there; I mean I don’t have any dreams or goals really. I’m not going to get married, I’m not going to have a family. The whole school thing is more for my parents and the culture that I grew up in than it is for me.
And it’s not like I have a career going for me or even a REAL job; I mean I’m just a warehouse supervisor for a college bookstore. It’s not like I’m a teacher, or a lawyer, or a computer programer, or a soldier, or even a construction worker.
My problem is that I should just face the fact that I am too stupid to lead my life the RIGHT way and let someone else….guide me onto the path of righteousness.
“Baaaah” says Frank.
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