Watching a variety of shows

Watching a variety of shows on the television…
How To Marry A Millionaire is on TMC or AMC. One of my all time favorite movies. It’s just wierd sometimes to watch a movie like that. The opening of the movie is actually the orchastra playing the music of the movie. You can’t have that in today’s movies
MTV is doing a special on Pop Music. I’m not as big of a Pop Hater has most people I know. I do have some Ricky Martin in my CD collection…O.K. I also have ONE *NSYNC song. But it’s a remake of Just Got Paid by Johnny Kemp. You just gotta love that song, “Just got paid, friday night, party huntin, feelin right…” But I think that we need pop. I mean music gets so serious about itself and that it has to have a message and that the music has to be “real”. After awhile of that, you just want to have a little fun. So bring in the boy bands and the teenie boppin girls(or bustin out girls as this pop wave seems to be made of) and have some fun.
Just realizing how long MTV has been on the air and looking at the acts that have made it through the 20 years. Whitney Houston, George Michael, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Ok, so the guys that I listed might not have made it completely entact with their carriers, but I mean all of them have certainly made their mark.
I want to reinvent myself. **rolling my eyes** I know, “heard that before.” But just looking at some of them stars, it makes me want to go out in a new direction with my life. Anyways, I’m just talkin’; I have no more dreams or goals.
I made a wish that time would stop for me. I should be more careful what I wish for.
Saw an expose on Esctacy. Suzanne thinks that I have have permanently damaged my brain becuase of the few hits of E that I have taken over the years. If anything fucked me up, it was the bad hit of acid that I took. She thinks that the E is the reason that I am moody. If you ask anybody, I was this moody way before I had my first hit of E.
I wish that we got TNN so that I could see WWF Raw is War. The Rock is finally coming back to television and it should be a good show. I’ll have to scour the web and read a report on it. Let’s see. The show is over at 11pm, a report could be on the internet by 9-10pm here on pacific time.
Am going to scan some resume stuff on to my computer to keep it safe. But first I need to clean my side of the room.
I wish that I didn’t get so cold easily. I feel cold and sick now and all I want to do is sit on the toliet and poop untill the cows come home.
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