I am such an old

I am such an old fuddy-duddy sometimes…
An exciting night for me is spending hours scanning old photos. Thrilling, ain’t it.
Actually, it’s not too bad (except this chair is killing my ass). It’s nice to look at the pictures that I’m scanning and relive the memories. And it shore beats cleaning my room and doing laundry.
The pictures that I’m scanning now are pictures that I had scanned before, but I think that I left them on my old computer. It might have been easier just to unpack the computer and copy the pictures from superdisk to regular disks to the new computer. But most of the scans were low resolution, so in a way, this is better. I’m almost done anyway.
I’m actually getting alot of ideas for photo shoots and things to do with my web site. The biggest problem is organizing them. I’m trying to organize them by the event that they were taken at, but some of them I dont really remember. I’m sure that I’ll figure something out thought. How do you organize your photos. By subject (i.e. pics of girlfriend, pics of friend#1, friend#2, etc.) or by event (St. Pat’s Party, Thanksgiving, goofing off on xx/xx/19xx, etc.) or a mix of both?
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