Pearl Harbor Is Opening Tomorrow…

And if you look real carefully, you might actually see me bombing on my test…..
Oh Yes: It was THATbad….
All the stuff that I studied; not on the test.
I almost walked out of the class without even taking the test. People were staring at me wondering what I was doing. But I sat back down and did my stuff.
So what does this mean? Well, if I get a D for the class, most likely I will be disqualified from school. Yay! Who needs a stupid piece of paper anyway….all right I want that stupid piece of paper. That is the most important piece of paper in my life. It will mean that I am somebody. **sigh**
If I do by some miracle of God get a C for the class (it’s my Reformation Class BTW) then I can petition to be allowed in school for another semester. Actually, if I get a C, then I should be off of probation. Who knows…
Well, I sold my books back and got $50 for $200 worth of books. Not too bad. I spent $2.50 on chocolate. I know I’m suppose to be saving my money and stuff, but I’m trying to fend off a panic attack or a depressive episode. Besides, it’s either chocolate or drugs.
So I am going to drown on the chocolate that I have and try to relax. School is done and summer time is here. Yay!
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