Daily Archives: May 21, 2001

Just came back from Movie

Just came back from Movie Magic to return the DVD’s that I rented.
My God, I am so fucking high, and it’s all natural; no drugs or additives.
I feel like I’m on E or drunk off of my ass….
Actually the high is wearing off a bit….
But when I was walking, I just saw everything in a new light.
It was like my eyes were open to the world around me.
Colors, shapes, sounds, lights, smells, touch; they were all heightened….
I even saw a baby skunk….
Now I’m home listening to happy techno-synth Christian music
And just kinda relaxing with the buzz a bit….
Before I tackle my paper.
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I just had one of

I just had one of the biggest mind fucks that I have ever had by watching the movie Magnolia.
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85% on my Beijing final.

85% on my Beijing final. Whoohoo!!! Two B’s so far. Looking good. I wonder if I can even pull a B in my U.S. history. Still, as long as I get C’s in the other two classes, I’m looking pretty good.
New drama in the housing situation. I got the emergency loan and I got the financial aide increase. The problem that I forsee is that since I borrowed from the school, it’s going to show up on their system has an outstanding debt. The financial aide goes to the acct. office and they pay out any outstanding debts first and then issue a check for whatever is left. So I have to see if I can fix this tomorrow so that they don’t touch the financial aide check.
Called mom to confirm with her on the proper way to cook mondu i.e. pot stickers. Usually, I just boil them and eat them like that, but I wanted to fry them. The key is that you have to pour a little bit of water in the pan so that the skin doesn’t; get hard.
Mom also told me that my Dad went to the hospital with bladder problems. **sigh** I love my parents, but they are so old and infirm. My dad is 65; mom is only in her late 40’s, but because of the accident that she had, she has medication to take.
I know that they can still take care of themselves, but sometimes I feel like I should be doing it, except that I def. don’t have the means to take care of either one of them, never mind both of them.
I think that I am going to eat and then nap a bit before I finish my paper….
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The computer is taking a nap, so why can’t I…

So tired, and I still have to finish my paper. Poop.
Anyway, there is alot a work to do today. The departments are stocking up for buyback and graduation on Sat. Which I have to work, BTW. I’ll probably have to settle for a peon wage for that day, but I need the money and I think I get cash for doing gown returns.
I guess I’ll post more when I get home…
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

The Moon is building a square with Neptune and difficult questions regarding the direction of your life are likely to crop up, causing you a bit of discomfort. Emotionally, you should feel a surge of strength, but unfortunately, you may feel like this boost of energy is not helping you as much as you need it to. There are much larger issues to contend with at this time, and you may get the feeling that your emotions are giving you a false sense of security that you hesitate to rely on.
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So today is another milestone

So today is another milestone day in my housing drama in that I get to go and sign paperwork for my emergency loan. I also need to confirm the extra financial aid that I’m suppose to get. Hopefully, everything will got as planned…
U.S. History Paper still not done. Was suppose to be a paper on women and minorities during World War Two. It’s more like a paper on Japanese Relocation during the war. I need to add something on women and other minorities and cut back on the Japanese stuff. Not due to tomorrow, so I still have time…
And yet, I still have a overwhelming sense of foreboding. I am def. sick to my stomach and nervous over something. And by the way my blankets and covers were, it looks like I tossed and turned all night long….
I the back of my mind I hear a train coming roaring along, blasting it’s horn at me to move out of the way. I just wonder if I will be able to move out of the way in time…
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