Daily Archives: May 20, 2001

I remember what I was going to type earlier….

I’ve been on Live Journal for a year now…
My First Post….
My Second Post…..
Still working on papers and still enjoying French Vanilla Oatmeal. Guess some things never change…
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Paper is moving at a

Paper is moving at a snail’s pace after waking up from the nap that I took..,,
Just dealt with Peter and Tim switching their schedule for finals. I had to move some things around too. Amber is not going to be happy. Poop….
And I am getting sad and teary eyed over the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack.
I need to finish this paper so that I can watch magnolia tonight.
Current mood: tearful
Current music: Co Co Lee – A Love Before Time (Mandarin)

Forgot what I was going to say…..

Nope still can’t think of it.
Oh well, going to take a shower; maybe I’ll remember it in there
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**Sigh** I still wonder if

**Sigh** I still wonder if I did something or said something wrong…
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

Make practical use of the thoughts you have synthesized in the last few days. Stretch your boundaries and extend your wisdom to the people around you. Since the Moon is trining Mars, this is a day for taking action. Connect with your heart and move forward with your plans. We normally think of our hearts as being soft, tender, and vulnerable. Think of your heart today as being tough, strong, and adventurous. You will notice that you are going to have a lot of willpower to your disposal.
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