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Something to cheer me up

At one point, WWF wrestler, The Rock, had a GPA of 0.7.
I feel SO much better about my GPA now
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Paper has slowly slowed to

Paper has slowly slowed to a crawl…..what else is new
Well, it is almost 9 pm. I think I will get dressed and go to the video store and rent some DVD’s. Actually I am trying to fight off hunger. I have some popcorn that I guess I’ll pop, but I want something else. Don’t know what though. Maybe my mouth is bored, to quote my mom.
O. K. time to scrounge some clothes….
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Is “www” in Hebrew equal to 666?

Find Out Here
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When Christian Music Goes Bad…..

Testimonies of Young People and Christian Rock
“I was following the Lord wholeheartedly until we switched churches and I was invited to the new youth group. I had a conviction against rock music, but as I was surrounded by it, my beliefs were corrupted. This music eventually led to rebellion and moral failures. The Lord has gained victory in my life now, but the music still brings on rebellion if I listen to it. Please get rid of this music and play melodious, harmonious music!”
A Fifteen-Year-Old Student From Pennsylvania
“About four years ago, a local Christian radio station began broadcasting ‘rock’ of the ‘Christian variety.’ At first, I accepted only the light stuff. Within months, I found myself listening to heavier and heavier stuff. I thank God that my parents and I came to an agreement on the music I will listen to. I can see how it has affected the lives of some who at one time were my closest friends. I still enjoy easy classical music, but they are into heavy worldly rock and the lifestyle that goes with it. Just a few weeks ago, God convicted me of what I once considered super-soft, contemporary music. I threw the tape away and thank God for the conviction that brought me to do it.”
A Twenty-Year-Old Student From Kansas
“When I was twelve or thirteen years old, I was given some ‘Christian rock’ tapes by my parents to listen to because they thought I was getting into secular music. The truth is, I was getting into some bad music. The ‘Christian rock’ dominated my life for over a year until I could not get the same satisfaction I received the first time I heard it. I went to secular rock music and kept this desire and sin from my parents. I started out on soft music and grew to pop/rock-type music.
“It was not long until my desire grew to ‘hard rock’ and ‘progressive’ stuff. I started getting into drinking and going to dance clubs. Minor recreational drugs came in and soon my life was going down the drain.
“One night while drinking, I fell into immorality and my life was devastated. God used this tragedy to turn me around and bring me back to Him. I feel very deeply that if I had not started out in ‘Christian rock’ I would have been convicted about the bad music I got into. Maybe I would not have messed my life up so much.”
An Eighteen-Year-Old Student From Oklahoma
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Looking at my food supply

Looking at my food supply and it doesn’t look too good. Eating a bowl of rice right now wishing that I had bought an extra bag when I went shopping last. I could last a lifetime on rice. Hmmm, I have stuff left, I just need to cook it. The think I don’t have is meat. That is what I’m starting to crave…
Looking over my DVD collection, trying to decide if I want to watch Fight Club later. Part of me does, since Suzanne isn’t here and I could watch it in peace (I could also watch Dogma in peace also). The thing with Fight Club it that when I finish watching it, it leaves me in a weird state. It brings up issues within myself that I usually don’t want to confront (what else is new).
Hmmm, I wonder if I still have that coupon for rent one get one free at Movie Magic? I’ll have to look for it later. I will have to force myself to leave my room today to get some air and to walk around.
O. K. this time I swear that I will get off the line and work on my paper….
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Don’t you hate it when….

You have a good size post and then your computer crashes….
so I got kicked off of the network cause I had to restart and now I’m on dial-up.
I guess it’s good cause I need to start on the next paper.
**sigh** I haven’t seen Suzanne for a week now. I wish that she was here so that I could just hold her in my arms and be at peace and just put the pressures and crap that is going on in my live behind me, even if just for a little while.
God, how am I going to survive when she is off in Europe….
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

Other people’s stubborn attitudes may be hindering your progress today, so take this as a hint that maybe you need to loosen your own grip on a certain viewpoint that you are fiercely holding onto. Today’s trine between Moon and Pluto may trigger a lot of power behind your emotions, and it would be advisable to express them. Feel free to jump up on stage and take the podium. Speak your mind, even though you may not necessarily be in agreement with the group.
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