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Trying to listen to my

Trying to listen to my CD, but Windows Media Player keeps on cutting out on me, and it’s pissing me off. I’m about to uninstall the whole damn thing
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**points finger and LAUGHS HIS ASS OFF**

**sigh** I suppose that I shouldn’t laugh, but besides billiam, I just laugh so hard when I read their stuff. I shouldn’t laugh at those who are less fortunate than myself….
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Back from Mother’s Day Brunch

Back from Mother’s Day Brunch with Suzanne and her grandmother. We went to Applebee’s and I had a Mudslide milkshake, a Bacon Cheeseburger and some shrimp. It was an O. K. mean, but it seemed like there wasn’t as big of a selection than the other times that I’ve gone.
Afterwards, we went back to Suzanne’s where her and I took a nap for a couple of hours. I love napping with her, holding her and stuff. It’s when we have to sleep for more than 4hrs that there are problems…
I left around 9pm and caught the last bit of traffic heading into the city. But it wasn’t too bad, and I got to see my view of the city. I love entering the city, whether it’s from the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate, or from the peninsula. I think that it’s the view that keeps me in the city.
Walking up to my apt., I saw my old roommate, Daniel and our friend Reina. It seems that Daniel’s roommate now is going through the same problem that I am going through with the mess up in financial aid and eviction. **sigh** Hopefully, I can get this taken care of tomorrow and it wont drag out.
Well, I am going to stay up late and start my paper. I’m hoping that I can spit out a page or two of BS before I go to sleep. I hope…
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Rereading textbooks and forming my

Rereading textbooks and forming my paper in my head, I come across the novel Vox by Nicholson Baker. Must resist the urge to get sucked into it. I think that I should let Suzanne read it. The weird part id that one of the review notes on the back cover compares it to Ravel’s Bolero. I have had Bolero in my head all day long for some reason.
Anyway, Matt and someone else are watching the game outside. I’m just not that big of a sports fan, and I’m def, not the jock that Matt is. **sigh** I come home to beer all over the place and the house kinda messy. I can’t really say anything cause I haven’t done anything to keep the house clean.
O. K. time to go and see Suzanne. Meeting her in Vallejo for Mother’s Day. Her and her mom passed their motorcycle test. Yay!!!!
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

As a result of the Moon trining Saturn, your emotions might be a bit erratic today, and you may be feeling jumpy and skittish. It is best that you make the effort to put a limit on how far to let this energy take you. Keep your thoughts to yourself instead of processing them aloud for everyone else to hear. Keep a damper on things or else you are likely to put your foot in your mouth at the worst possible time. If you have any problems that you can’t resolve yourself, you should discuss it with an older person
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The other thing that happened….

On my way home on BART from Suzanne’s. I’m in the car and this guy with a bike comes in and sits down at the other end of the car. After he sits, he notices me, and he is torn between staying and leaving. But the train starts and he decides to stay.
So we are going and we get to the Oakland stops and he keeps looking at me, like this is where I’m getting off at. At first I ignore him, but then I start staring back at him. I honestly think that he was afraid of me cause I was black. It was so funny, and I was trying to look hard and ghetto at him and he was nervous and shaking and kept on drinking out of his bike bottle. When we finally got to his stop in San Francisco, I thought he was going to fly out of the car.
I guess I should be offended, but if anyone has ever met me, I am so not “black” acting. I am the least black acting guy people know. I guess it was just funny that this stupid guy was afraid of me. Anyway, that’s my BART story for the week….
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Suzanne and Mrs. Larson came

Suzanne and Mrs. Larson came over around two-ish and we headed out to the Taco Bell on the Beach. In Pacifica, they have a Taco Bell right on the beach, complete with an outdoor window so surfers can order. I don’t know, maybe it’s cause it is next to the beach and the ocean, but the food here taste better than other Taco Bells.
So after lunch, we took a walk along the beach. It was a cool walk; we collected some cool looking rocks, played in the water (O. K. Actually, we played with the tides going father and father out with the tide and running back up to shore before we could get wet) and we chased some crabs around. But at certain points I became quiet and withdrawn, cause I was thinking about the eviction notice.
After a while, we started to head back to Antioch. I decided to make a detour and head to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Oh yeah baby!!! On the way there on the San Mateo Bridge, the back liner for a truck going the other way flew off and almost landed on us. It was pretty scary cause I didn’t realize what it was until it was coming down.
Well, we made it to KKD with no mishaps and we got some doughnuts and we also stopped in at Jamba Juice for some smoothies. **happy sigh** Hot glazed doughnuts…..mmmmmmmm. So good; just what I needed to cheer me up.
We headed back to Antioch where we just kinda chilled at Suzanne’s watching her mom play Diablo II and being sappy to each other. It was good times; with all the stuff going on with me, it was a needed break.
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