Daily Archives: May 11, 2001

Fuck everybody…. Fuck Centennial Villiage

Fuck everybody….
Fuck Centennial Villiage
Fuck SFSU Bookstore
Fuck SF State
Fuck my roommates
Fuck my friends
Fuck my family
Fuck my girlfriend….
…scratch that, can’t fuck her; we’re not married
Fuck God
Fuck everybody and fuck everything
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So last night, Eugene (the

So last night, Eugene (the assistant to the manager of my apt) comes over and drops off an eviction notice. This BTW is the second time that I’ve gotten an eviction notice during midterms/finals; Their timing is impeccable. They are saying that I haven’t paid rent since March. At first, I was freaking out; I have papers and finals to study for, and then they hand my a notice to pay $1500 or leave in three days. But then I calmed down, and took 2-3 shots of Jack Daniels from the bottle. SO I dug through all of my stuff and found some the paperwork that proves that I had pay my rent. **phew** God, I wish that I would have stayed at Park Merced. So now I am stuck here at least through the summer, cause it is too late for me to look for a new apartment. **sigh** just crazy shit happening. O. K. Justin is out the shower; let me clean myself up so that I can get this taken care of.
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Horoscope (by astrocenter.com)

Although you generally like to keep both feet on the ground and proceed in a very stable, organized manner, there is a strong force encouraging you to spread your wings. This impulse has something to do with today’s Venus-Neptune sextile, which encourages your creative and artistic side. Just go ahead and incorporate more elements of fantasy into your day, and practice the art of dreaming. Liberate yourself from reality for a while and feel the tremendous weight being lifted from your shoulders. This kind of attitude will help bring a greater sense of balance to your life. Let your imagination run wild.
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