heatwave = blackouts

It is so hot here. It is in the 70’s/80’s here in S.F., which isn’t that hot. But inside the warehouse, where there is no air circulation, it is in the 80’s/90’s. And that means in Vacaville and Antioch it is in the 90’s/100’s. Yuck.
I wish that I had something to drink, but we got nothing. I have money, but I am trying to save it and not spend it on food. I already spent some on a crossiant and a Snapple this morning for breakfast. I should have just taken the extra time to have breakfast, esp. since I was running late anyway.
Looking brieftly over the schedule for Fall classes. I am so not looking forward to Fall. It should be my last semester, but I am so burned out from school. I just want to get out and live the pitiful life that I have. **sigh** I’m just being pestimistic cause of finals. I’m sure that after a couple of weeks of working 40+ hours a week that I will be read to come back to school.
O.K. I need to move these pallets inside and I have a couple of orders to do. Maybe I will leave early with Peter today.
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