Daily Archives: May 5, 2001

O.K. Uploaded files to various

O.K. Uploaded files to various sites to hold. And going to reformat and reinstall Windows. Hopefully, there will be no problems.
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A quote for Serraph

Men make women messy – Thomas Crown Affair
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Talking to Serraphabout my computer

Talking to Serraphabout my computer game movie trinity of the eighties – Wargames, Cloak & Dagger, and The Last Starfighter. And she reminded me of a movie that I missed that is THE Computer game movie of the 80’s.
I know, I feel so stupid; how could I forget about Tron. I mean Tron is the God of the Trinity, The Last Starfighter is Jesus Christ, and Wargames is the Holy Spirit. Cloak and Dagger is good, but thinking back, there really wasn’t much of a computer game theme to it like the other movies.
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Girlfriend over my shoulder critizing my spelling

Just Kidding…
Luv you
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I didn’t go to sleep

I didn’t go to sleep until late last night. Mostly I just read my book for my paper and just lay in bed listening to house music on the radio. I didn’t go to sleep until like 4:30 or 5am. I think it was cause the room was so hot. Anyway, I only got a couple of hours of sleep, so I hope that I’m o.k. for the day.
Suzanne is here (YAY!) and we are about to head out to have a picnic at Golden Gate Park. It should be good times, and we need to get in some good quality holding and cuddling time. Besides, we both need to work on our tans. Heh….
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Why God, Why?!?!?

Well, Jason (the guy who is building my computer) called. He thinks that either the motherboard, the processor, or the memory is defective. **sigh** So much for having a new computer this weekend. I will have to call the place I bought this stuff from and get a return authorization. I’m just going to put my expectations on hold for this thing. I am bummed, but I’ve been bummed on and off all this week, and I need to not be bummed today.
Well, that leaves me with the old Gateway to use during finals. I’m going to go ahead and reformat the drive and reinstall Windows and then Office. All I really need is a computer that can get me on the Internet and that has a word processor so that I can do my papers. If this doesn’t work, then I might have to go to computer lab hell to finish my papers. Yuck.
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my girlfriend is the best

my girlfriend is the best in the whole wide world
she is so damn sexy, i get all hot just looking at her
i love her for her mind.
she is so smart, she amazes me
and sweet… god, i swear she is an angel.
every girl should be as perfect.
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**sigh** I sometimes regret the

I sometimes regret the sheltered person that I am.
I wish that I could go out into the world without a care.
Actually, I know what I want…
I wish that I could go back
To that one moment where
I was in a room
With hundreds of strangers
And felt nothing but love
From each and every one
Were for one moment,
I reached a spiritual awakening
A spiritual moment of such magnitude
That I had not had in such a long time
A spiritual moment that would only be matched
By my spiritual death almost a year later.
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Tim and friends just came

Tim and friends just came barging through looking for Matt. Unfortunately, Matt is asleep; he has to work tomorrow.
Oh yeah, he def. wants Matt.
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Grow up, Heather. Bulimia’s so ’87

While Wargames was going on, Heathers was on another channel. I haven’t seen that movie in ages. I’m going to have to rent it sometime.
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